let’s face it,
there are some people that you do not wish to face;
there are also some who do not wish to face you.

like it or not, it’s a phase.

something we all ought to learn, especially me.
people changed, people change, people will change
you, your plans or your friends.

so, let’s phase it out.

face the changes,
that happened, are happening, will happen.
these are the phases in life we cannot avoid, no matter how hard we try.

take it in.
we cry a little, die a little inside; then smile a little, laugh a little,
and everything’s going to be alright.

and then as the wise princess elsa sang,
let it go, let it go.


oh charlie, somethings in life, we can’t control; so all we have to do is learn to adapt and accept it, we have to face the phases.


cleared off my 2013 posts, for it was a bittersweet year, mostly bitter;
a dash of sweetness would be that one heck of a 21st birthday dinner i had with my loved ones.

i started writing when i hit rock bottom one day, and decided to pour my feelings here.
maybe because no one judges me, to the wordpress world, i’m just an anonymous person.
once again, i decided to start writing today, because … parts of my life has changed too much,
and i’m struggling to accept them.

the new year started off with something new, something foreign to me.
i have gladly accepted it and embraced this new addition to my life.
somehow, as time passed by, i have became comfortable.
when suddenly, i had to carry on with my life, with a missing piece.
bitter at first, but in the end, everything happens for a reason.
time healed.

some things are not the same anymore.
no matter how hard we try to maintain certain things,
sometimes, we just have to accept the situation.
it’s a transition in life, whether we like it or not, it happens.
time is healing.

emotions and feelings are a part of me i wish i can control.
sometimes tears, laughters and whatnots just comes out,
and it may or may not be pleasant.
what’s done is done, apologies to you.
time will heal.

conceal, don’t feel; something i ought to learn.
patience; something i ought to have.
anger; something i ought to leave behind.


oh charlie, none of us can vow to be perfect, in the end all we can do is to promise to
love each other with everything we got, because love’s the best thing we do.


just one of those days, where everything is overwhelming.
hard to breathe, just need a moment to catch a breath.

too many things going on too fast, it’s hard to catch up to reality.
i just want to get on a hot air balloon and travel, to forget about reality for a moment.

i have nothing but worries. of what? that is the question.

just yesterday, i had a dilemma. not knowing what is happening around me, i just didn’t feel like myself – the cheerful, happy go lucky me.

perhaps it’s the feeling of homesick? the pressure from assignment? maybe both.

i just had to talk to someone, my person.
she is the one i go to when i’m feeling down, she knows what to say to make everything better. it’s like a spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

true enough, talking with her really helped.
thank you, person.

i am feeling much better now after letting out some of the thoughts that have been going on in my mind.


oh charlie, you are blessed with people who are willing to listen and help you, cherish them and embrace their presence.

When two baby teeth came knocking at her door, artist Inhae Lee did what anyone would do: she invited them to live with her and started photographing their hilarious, miniature antics. The resulting blog phenomenon has captivated legions of devoted fans with its refreshingly sweet sentiment and hip appeal. Featuring brand-new stories alongside classic adventures, My Milk Toof follows two baby teeth named ickle and Lardee as they navigate the pleasures and perils of being very small in a very big world. With perfect comedic timing, the photographic tales in this book explore the world from the tiny perspective of a baby tooth (or milk toof), from taking a bath to exploring the outside world. Showcasing the intricate handcrafted universe that Lee has created, My Milk Toof has a quirky appeal that speaks to all ages. Whether they’re baking a cake or spending a day at the pool, these two little guys are achingly sweet—but without the cavities.

Inhae Lee is an artist and caretaker to two little milk teef. She lives in Berkeley, California.


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